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Elegant Dent ltd is a family owned business situated in London, United Kingdom. We are an innovative company dedicated to researching and manufacturing high quality dental materials at competitive prices. Elegant Dent provides dental technicians with efficient solutions internationally.

We have five product categories including metal ceramic powders, zirconia ceramic powders, metal ceramic stains, zirconia ceramic stains and ceramic liquids. Our metal ceramic and zirconia ceramic systems contain a collection of effect ceramic materials to support technicians in creating true to nature restorations. Also, each ceramic system has a colourful assortment of 17 stains to give the technician creative freedom when it comes to characterisation. Our glazes come in two types, normal and with fluorescence.

Elegant Dent materials are highly aesthetic and come with countless advantages to help the artists mimic nature as closely as possible. The outstanding optical properties our ceramics have, enable the technician to manipulate the translucency, opalescence and fluorescence of the prosthesis. In addition to this the ceramic powders have excellent physical properties ensuring long lasting restorations. Shade reproduction is a key part of a successful result and with our powders you can easily reproduce 16, 26 and bleach shades. By using our dental materials, you can be assured to create durable, true to nature and economical prosthetics.

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What our clients say

Having the personal pleasure of working with Elegant Dent and the ceramic solutions that they provide, I highly recommend their product and company as a whole. If there is one thing that makes a material stand out, it is that it complements the user use and delivers magnificent results. This is exactly what Elegant Dent have achieved with their ceramic solutions. Furthermore, having spent time with their products, I know that Elegant Dent’s attention to detail and approach towards dentistry is second to none. You need to have Elegant Dent ceramic in your lab and fitted chair side in your surgery.

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Jonathan Newborough
Dental technician/Director