Elegant Dent metal ceramic is a leucite supported feldspar ceramic that brings a high level of aesthetics to PFM restorations. The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) range is 12.9•10-6K-1 ~ 13.8•10-6K-1 (25-500°C) that has been designed to perfectly match conventional bonding alloys in the market. This includes high gold content, reduced gold content, palladium-based, silver and non-precious alloys.

To mimic nature to the highest degree possible, the need to use materials with life like optical properties is essential. With Elegant Dent metal ceramic, you can easily replicate enamel effects and reflect the natural translucency and transparency of teeth. The restorations will mimic the optical characteristics of natural teeth in all light conditions including opalescence and will display fluorescence beneath ultraviolet lighting.

The patients will benefit by having durable, long lasting prosthetics thanks to the great physical properties of the ceramics. This includes good biocompatibility, high bonding strength and flexural strength values that are more than twice as high as the required ISO standard.

– Available in 16, 26 and bleach shades
– Accurate shade reproduction
– Great modelling characteristics
– Minimal shrinkage
– Efficient and easy to use system
– Extremely uniform crystal formation avoiding cracks
– Highly aesthetic, efficient and economical results

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