Elegant Dent zirconia ceramic is a superiorly aesthetic feldspar ceramic that is reinforced by leucite crystals. The CTE range is 8.9•10-6K-1 ~ 9.6•10-6K-1 (25-500°C) and has been adapted to match zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) frameworks. The ceramics feature a homogenous distribution of leucite in the glass phase after firing which significantly reduces stress crack development. High flexural strength values are seen throughout the range and are up to twice as high as the required ISO standard.

Elegant Dent insists on high quality selection of materials and coupled with the
fine ceramic structure, restorations with true to nature optical properties can be achieved. With this system you can easily mimic opalescence, fluorescence, translucency and diffused reflection seen in natural teeth.

The zirconia ceramic collection is perfect for all-ceramic cases that require high aesthetic and individualised results. Whether you prefer standard layering techniques or multi-layering techniques for the most aesthetically demanding cases, the Elegant Dent zirconia ceramic system is ideal for you.

– Available in 16, 26 and bleach shades
– Accurate and consistent shades
– Homogenous distribution of leucite crystals avoids cracks
– Highly aesthetic, efficient and economical results
– Easy handling
– Great optical and mechanical properties
– Secure bond to zirconium dioxide substructures

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